August 21, 2015


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Andrew Weatherall remix of Tony Wilson tribute ‘St Anthony’ shared online

Christopher Thomond

Christopher Thomond

The Andrew Weatherall remix of ‘St Anthony: An Ode To Anthony H Wilson’ – the tribute to late Factory Records boss Tony Wilson – has been uploaded to YouTube and can be heard below.

The likes of Steve Coogan, Iggy Pop, Bernard Sumner, Mike Pickering, Christopher Eccleston, Shaun Ryder, Mark Radcliffe, Vini Reilly and John Cooper Clarke all made contributions to a video for the track which features the poetry of Manchester native Mike Garry set to the music of composer Joe Duddell when it was premiered last week.

The single is out now on download, CD and white vinyl 12”, and is backed by the Andrew Weatherall remix which has been shared today.

Tony Wilson is credited with helping to guide the direction of British music for more than a decade thanks to his work with one of the country’s greatest independent record labels, Factory, which was home to Joy Division, the Happy Mondays, New Order and others.

Factory’s Hacienda nightclub would later sit at the heart of the late eighties acid house movement, creating a genuine youth culture phenomenon forever known as ‘Madchester’.

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