February 25, 2019


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Little Comets start build-up to fifth studio album with new single The Sneeze


Robert Coles fronting Little Comets @ London Dingwalls (Photo: Alberto Pezzali for Live4ever Media)

Little Comets will start the build-up to their fifth studio album with the release of a new single entitled The Sneeze on March 7th.


As the year progresses, this is due to be followed by more new music and ‘very special touring news’ with the album expected towards the end of 2019. The Sneeze is another track built around Little Comets’ wonderfully independent nature; recorded as it was in a garage ‘amidst the angst of a neighbour’s lawn mower’ on drums ‘pulled from a Lichfield skip’.

Little Comets were at number one on Live4ever’s Best Albums list in 2015 thanks to Hope Is Just A State Of Mind, an album unafraid to face injustices and prejudices both socially and within the music industry head-on before it became fashionable for the mainstream to do the same.

“It’s the powerful taunting of misogynist tendencies in the music industry and society as a whole on final track ‘The Blur, The Line & The Thickest Of Onions‘ which truly displays the lyrical potency of the band,” our review reads. “This form of engagement with larger questions of humanity at the heart of ‘Hope Is Just a State of Mind’ is precisely why Little Comets have survived and flourished beyond the universal indie clear-out at the back end of the noughties. ”

“They are a band with much to say about the difficulties of growing up in a culturally diminishing, post-recession Britain, yet provide a sense of optimism in their richly varied and hugely enjoyable tapestry of influences.”


By Live4ever - Posted on 25 Feb 2019 at 6:07am

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