January 28, 2019


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Track Of The Week: Working Men’s Club – Bad Blood

By Live4ever - Posted on 26 Jan 2019 at 6:24am 

Rosie Butcher

The Track Of The Week is Working Men’s Club‘s debut 7″ single Bad Blood.


The single was confirmed earlier this week for release in February, and is a great start from singer and guitarist Sydney Minsky-Sargeant, guitarist Giulia Bonometti and drummer Jake Bogacki. “We grew up in northern towns trying to get in to pubs in social clubs because that’s all we had,” Minsky-Sargeant explains. “The name is an ode to that. Our surroundings and their differences has influenced us a lot on these tracks.”

“The songs are based on the culture of walking round Manchester every day then going back to the countryside each night and how the contrast of going back into the hills made us sane.”

Look out for a Live4ever Presents feature with the band coming up next week.

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