Band Merch

Creative Merchandising and Marketing opportunity for Bands, Artists and Festivals

We understand that Promotional Merchandise can be an essential revenue stream for Independent bands and artists but the financial commitment to producing this can often be a bridge too far. The cost of design, production and stock holding can leave bands with an unwanted hole in their pocket and sometimes the headache of selling through excess stock.

ei8htball is now offering a specific Design and Print on Demand (POD) collaboration service for bands and artists to take the risk out of producing and holding merchandise in conjunction with the opportunity to significantly increase their exposure to a wider fan base.

We have a rapidly growing social media platform and close working relationships with like-minded social media accounts offering potential engagement with in excess of 1,000,000 social media followers (and growing). Working closely with the HUT Group, we can now broadcast to a much larger audience through joint marketing, targeted email campaigns and press releases. The products on our website can be purchased on meaning they are available to more than 700,000 subscribing customers in the UK and abroad.

What we can do for you

  • Design for free. Working closely with our design team we take your band logo / brand or create a new design from scratch to be placed on t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. This could relate to a new album launch, gig or simply promotional apparel. (This is what we enjoy doing!)
  • We can also insert these designs on phone cases, tote bags, beer mats and mugs etc
  • Dependent on what we agree to produce, we can create merchandise bundles, allowing us to mix up products for sale to incentivise purchase.
  • We will promote your band merchandise to a targeted audience on our website, social media platforms and, as well as new songs, albums, gigs, tour dates etc

What’s in it for you?

  • Free Design service. We have a highly experienced design team who understand branding and will get to grips with what rocks your fan base
  • No cost to set up or operate. We handle the whole process from print to fulfilment
  • No physical stock holding
  • Constant exposure to a growing target audience on social media through close collaborations with ei8htball partnering media accounts, event organisers and growing customer base on
  • Create a band (brand) page on our website. Your band merchandise will be for sale on the band page on our website and
  • A 15% share of the net end sales value of every item sold
  • The flexibility to order 1 – 1000+ units of promotional stock to sell at gigs in a wide range of colours and sizes (cost price to be determined on designs). You can stagger this over the duration of the tour and determine the sales price
  • We have a far wider range of POD stock than our competitors which has been marketed tested for sizing and colour options
  • We will generate and send you a monthly sales schedule
  • This is a non-exclusive licence opportunity so you can work with whoever else you want to

What’s in it for us?

  • We take an equal 15% share of the end net sales value of each product sold
  • Exposure for ei8htball on your social media platforms increasing brand awareness
  • Relevant content generation for our website and social media platforms
  • Dual branding on apparel. We will have a small logo on all products e.g. we have a standard printed ei8htball neck label on the inside of the clothing

Simple Process

  • Initial contact over social media, email or phone
  • We have a standard non-exclusive licence agreement should you wish to enter into one
  • You provide us with your logos and brief to be incorporated into designs
  • We go away and work out options for you
  • Sign off on the relevant artwork and products
  • These are uploaded to our website and Zavvi
  • Sales and marketing commence!

How are we different?

This is a merchandising and marketing collaboration, not just a retail service. We want your band to succeed and we will do our best to help promote your music and merchandise leaving you to concentrate on your passion. Unlike other offerings we actively work to lift your band profile and sell your brand in unison with ours!


We are currently looking to work with bands and artists who have in excess of 5,000 social media followers across, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

If the above sounds of interest, please get in touch via email: or simply send us a tweet, we would like to hear from you!